How to register my Torpedo Reload and get my 24 virtual cabinets?

You need to register your Torpedo Reload to get your 24 virtual cabinets for WoS:


  1. Go to the Two notes Store, and create an account (or log in if you already have an account) :


  3. Enter the serial number of your Torpedo Reload in the text field next to the REGISTER button, and click the "REGISTER" button. This will generate your WoS license.

    At this step, if you get an error telling you that the serial number is unknow, please see the note at the end of this article.

  4. Download the WoS plugin 

  5. Install WoS.

  6. Launch your DAW, add WoS on a track, and launch it.

  7. Follow the onscreen information to activate your WoS license and PLAY!


If you get an error at step 3, you need to use the activation code present on the first page of the user's manual.

In that case, please follow the instructions here to get your 24 virtual cabinets.

If you don't have this activation code, please get in touch with the Two notes Help Desk. Do indicate in your message the serial number of your Torpedo Reload and attach a scanned copy of your customer's invoice.