How to restore the factory settings of a Torpedo device

This procedure describes how to restore the factory settings (ie, do a factory reset) of a Torpedo Studio, Live or C.A.B. This procedure doesn't apply to the Torpedo Reload and Captor.


To do a factory reset, you first need to install the Torpedo Remote software, which can be downloaded from this page on the Two notes Audio Engineering website.


Then, you need to register the unit on your Two notes account. For this, just follow the instructions when you first launch Remote, with your Torpedo device connected in USB.


When the unit is registered, just go to the "User" menu of Remote, and select "Factory Reset". Click "Next". Select "Yes, I want to reset to factory settings.", and click OK to confirm. This will launch the factory reset.


Depending on the current state of the unit, the reset can be very quick (a few seconds), but if many Two notes Virtual Cabinets have to be reinstalled, it can take up to 7 minutes on a Torpedo Live or C.A.B., and up to 30 minutes on a Torpedo Studio.


Finally, if you did this reset in order to sell the unit, you need to unregister the unit from your Two notes account. To do so, follow the instructions in this article.