Using Torpedo Support Tool

(Version française)

Torpedo Support Tool is a software allowing you to recover Torpedo devices when Torpedo Remote fails to update the unit or connect to the unit.


To install the software, download and run the installer corresponding to your computer:

This tool requires a tntsts files (support scripts) to be used. These files are provided by Two notes support team, depending on the encountered issue.

Running Torpedo Support Tool

To launch Torpedo Support :

  • on Windows: Double click on the tntsts file
  • on Mac OS: Go to Applications/Two notes Audio Engineering and double-click on Torpedo Support Tool

Once launched:

  • select the Torpedo unit on which you want to run the support script. If only one Torpedo is connected to your computer, it is automatically selected at startup.
  • select the tntsts you want to run. On Windows, it is automatically selected if Torpedo Support Tool was launched by double-clicking on the tntsts file.
  • press the Run button and follow the instructions

Torpedo Support Tool UI