Personal information and data collection - RGPD

When a user creates an account with Two notes, therefore creating a licence, we require personal information to ensure that licence (and the products attached to it) are retained as the sole property of each individual user.

This information is collected at the point of licence creation and is kept in a highly encrypted format on our servers - these servers are protected with several layers of security and the whole system is constantly reviewed to ensure that all our customer's information is kept safe and secure.

We will only use the information to verify the identity of the licence owner and will never be sold to any third party, for any reason, at any time. 


Here is the complete list of data collected and retained by Two notes Audio Engineering on our secure servers.


Personal Data:
First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Email address, and Country of Residence

The date of birth is required to ensure that a customer who purchases a product via our webstore is over 18 years old. The country is also required to ensure applicable taxes are added at the point of purchase - these are both legal requirements.

Connection Data:
IP address, Date of last connection, and Torpedo Serial Numbers

IP address is obtained to verify country of residence is correct.


Commercial Data:

Contents of cart created in the Two notes store, list of previous orders, list of products registered to the licence holder, and the Two notes licence itself.
The cart creation information is stored so if a customer returns to the store they last unpurchased cart will be displayed to them.