Identification problem in Wall of Sound

If you have an identification issue when you log into Wall of sound, please go to into your Two notes account through the Two notes website ( ), using the email address and password to log into your account, to verify if your combination of both is the right one.

For WoS version prior to 4.4.0, the WoS login system is very case sensitive, even for the email address. You need to type all the information found in you My Personal Information page as they are inputted.

Also for versions before 4.4.0, another common issue we have witnessed from our users is to have a space inputted after the information for First Name. WoS considers space as a character. If there is one after your first name or last name, you will have the same error message as above, however the issue is not visible. Go to your section My Personal Information of your account (, and check all your personal information. You can edit all your information there.