Alpha test of the firmware V4 for Torpedo Live and C.A.B. + Remote V5

Sunday Dec 16th 20018

We are now in Alpha 2, the download links stay the same:


  1. Download the new Remote for Windows: 
  2.  Or download the new Remote for Mac OSX:

What's new?

If the Torpedo C.A.B. or Live current firmware is older than V3.32, the user is being asked to update to V3.32 prior to updating to V4

It is now possible to revert to V3.32 after the update, even if V4 is not booting properly (see following instructions about how to revert to 3.32)

How to revert to 3.32 if you are not happy with V4 Alpha?

Case 1: your Torpedo doesn’t properly start with the v4 firmware:

  1. Turn off your Torpedo
  2. Turn it on while pressing the Edit button
  3. Check that the Torpedo’s screen displays : “Update v2.1”
  4. Start Torpedo Remote 5.0.0, a "Firmware Upgrade window will appear
  5. Select the firmware you want to install, the latest stable firmware is 3.32



 Case 2: your Torpedo start with the V4 firmware but you still want to go back to 3.32

  1. Launch Torpedo Remote V5 with your unit connect to USB
  2. Click on the menu "Firmware" that you can find on the top menu
  3. Click on "Downgrade Torpedo firmware to V3"


Saturday Dec 15th 20018


Dear Two notes user,

you can participate in the Alpha test of the new firmware for Torpedo C.A.B., Torpedo Live and Torpedo Remote V5.

  1. Make sure your unit is already in the version 3 of the firmware (you can find that information in the SETUP menu). If you are not in version 3, you should update first to that version.
  2. Download the new Remote for Windows: 
  3.  Or download the new Remote for Mac OSX:
  4. Once installed, launch the Remote (the application’s icon is green while it is in test).
  5. The Update is automatically asked for the Live and the C.A.B.
  6. During the update a full backup of your hardware is done, allowing you to recover the initial state of your unit (through the recovery option you can find in the Remote's menu)
  7. Any bugs you come across please post it on the Two notes Helpdesk ( under the category Torpedo Remote


Firmware V4.3 for Torpedo Live and Torpedo C.A.B.

  • Fully redesigned user interface with better graphics and better ergonomics to handle two microphones easily
  • Dual miking for Two notes cabinets: you can select and move two different microphones in front (or front and back) of Two notes cabinet of your choice.
  • Dual user IR: you can load and mix two 3rd party IRs
  • 20ms and 40ms IRs: you can use standard 20ms or double the resolution of your 3rd party IRs when loading into your Torpedo. Regular Two notes cabinets are automatically using the double resolution during the processing.
  • New custom semi-parametric EQ (low cut with custom frequency, all EQ bands frequency can be changed)

Torpedo Remote V5.0

  • New Arcade mode design to handle dual miking operation
  • New Simulation mode design
  • New IR Loader mode : loading a 3rd party IR now has its specific custom design interface
  • Allows the use of multiple Torpedo units at the same time