Doing a firmware installation in Bootloader mode - Torpedo Captor X

It is sometimes needed to perform a firmware installation using what is called Bootloader mode. For example some Bluettoth connection issues, timeout issues,etc. can be solved with a full reinstallation of the unit through the bootlader mode.

Your Torpedo Captor X is placed in a state that makes Torpedo Remote do the firmware installation as soon as the unit is connected via USB to your computer.

Your unit needs to be registered to your Two notes account, and a firmware installation can only be carried out with Torpedo Remote installed on a computer (not the mobile app).

This article will explain you how to do the procedure.

1. Turn off your unit by unplugging the power supply.
2. With a paper clip, press the small button located between the OUT LEVEL and VOICING knobs (highlighed by the red circle in the image below)

3. Plug the power back to turn the unit on again (while keeping the button pressed). Once the unit is powered on you can take out the paper clip.

4. Open Torpedo Remote on your computer and follow the prompt to update your unit.