What are the main differences between OPUS and C.A.B. M+

Wondering what the differences are between OPUS and C.A.B. M+? Read on to get the 4-1-1 on the differentiators between these two hardware solutions, both built around the Two notes DynIR™ Ecosystem.

In short, OPUS is an end-to-end tone shaping Amp Simulator and DynIR™ Engine whereas C.A.B. M+ is a DynIR™ Engine that also features a single Clean B’man Inspired Preamp. OPUS builds upon the C.A.B. M+ specification, adding the following features:

  • 5 pristine TSM™ Preamp emulations; 10 total slots for future Preamp models via free Firmware Updates
  • MIDI input for seamless assimilation into existing set-ups; MIDI breakout cable included
  • USB-C connectivity for future-proofed rapid data transfer
  • A new electronic architecture to improve overall performance in both noise and dynamics
  • A stereo aux in and headphones output
  • 64 Memory slots for increased DynIR storage 
  • A collection of 40+ premier Acoustic Impulse Responses
  • A revised DynIR cabinet collection
  • 40+ artist-series presets from the likes of Pete Thorn, Michael Neilson, Jack Gardiner, Tom Quayle, Adam Steel, John Browne, Jay Leonard Jay and more
  • Dual Mono routing facilities: Simply define a terminus in OPUS’ DSP signal chain and you’re set to send two distinct signals from the DI (XLR) and LINE (1/4-inch TRS) outputs
  • Various performance improvements and workflow enhancements
  • An all-new blackout colourway

To discover the full range of features included with OPUS, please head over to our product page here.