Torpedo C.A.B. M USB connection issue

The Torpedo C.A.B. M can be connected to a computer via the USB port to be controlled by Torpedo Remote.  Firmware update and internal memory management (importing cabinets and IRs) are done with Torpedo Remote .

Sometimes the connection between the pedal and the computer does not happen. In that case, check the following points:

1. try with another USB port

2. try with other USB cables

3. Once the pedal is connected to the computer, check the connection status between the C.A.B. M and the computer, through the pedal screen. Go to the Global section in the menu, and scroll to the Remote Monitor page ( section in the owner's manual). The line USB State shows different connection states. If "Suspended" is shown, disconnect and reconnect the USB cable. The status should  change to "Configured" . If it is not the case, please submit a ticket on the Two notes' helpdesk.